5 Things to Include in Your Wedding Day Flat Lay


April 27, 2023

Not going to lie, it can be easy to look over the wedding day flat lay in the planning process. As you get into planning your wedding day you really start to realize just how many details go into making the perfect wedding day for you and your love. While your venue and your vendor team are crucial in putting together the wedding of your dreams, the smaller details of your day are just as important!

Items like your wedding invites, the cufflinks your fiance wears, your wedding rings, and so many other details are what really tie your wedding day together and make it feel like YOU. That’s what makes a wedding day flat lay such an important part of your day. It serves as the perfect introduction for your day and showcases just how much care and effort you put into making this day unique to you and your relationship. Here are 5 items you have to include in your wedding day flat lay!

How to Prep Your Wedding Day Flat Lay

When it comes to packing and preparing for your wedding day, having all of your details in one space can make the wedding day itself MUCH easier for you as a couple. Wedding day flat lays are the first things I document when I arrive on your wedding day. This is why I always recommend my couples pull a box ahead of time and begin to gather all of their wedding day details weeks in advance. That way, when your wedding day comes around all of your accessories as well as your invitations and other details are all together and ready to go for your photographer and videographer. Read further into the blog for everything I suggest for my couples to include in their wedding flat lay!

What to Include in Your Wedding Day Flat Lay

1. Wedding Invite Suite

As you plan your luxury wedding, you know just as well as I do that your guests’ experience begins long before the actual wedding day. You’ve put so much thought and care into your Save the Dates, Invites, and RSVP cards, it only makes sense that they are documented at the start of your wedding album. Make sure to save at least one invitation suite and one save the date to be documented along with the envelopes and other sweet details that are incorporated into the invites!

2. Details of Your Wedding Day Attire

Along with your invitation and save the date, the details that go into your wedding day attire can also be some of the most important details of your wedding day, which is why it’s so important to have them documented! You’ll want to remember the STUNNING shoes that you searched for hours for on the internet, the cuff links you gifted your groom, the bouquets and boutonnieres you helped design, and of course your wedding rings. To elevate some of these details I also recommend packing the velvet ring boxes and jewelry boxes your details come in. If you really want to take your details to the next level you can order custom jewelry boxes in your wedding day colors to create an elevated and cohesive look across your entire wedding album!

3. Wedding Florals

Your florist for your wedding day is a vendor that really brings your vision to life in terms of details. The floral decorations for your day are so important to create the feeling and atmosphere of your wedding day. Including your wedding day florals into your wedding day flat lay adds so much to the flat lay and combined with your wedding colors they really tie it all together! It’s up to you whether you want to include some of the florals from your decorations, your bouquet, or your boutonniere. I find that the best florals for flat lays are smaller pieces that accentuate the flat lay rather than centerpieces that overpower the other items.

4. Family Heirlooms in Your Wedding Details

Your wedding day is a huge moment in your relationship and is the union of your two families coming together. With that in mind, if you are incorporating family heirlooms into your wedding day, you’ll want to make sure the details are documented in your wedding day flat lay. Having these items included in your wedding day flat lay is a wonderful way to showcase them and show how much your family means to you on your wedding day.

For many this also might be the only opportunity to include and document these items in your wedding photos. Some ideas for items you can include in your wedding day and flat lay are your grandmother’s jewelry, your grandfather’s tie or watch, or your mother’s veil.  Even if you aren’t actually wearing these items on your wedding day, it can be special to have them documented and be a part of your wedding album.

5. Details in Your Wedding Colors

Last but definitely not least what to include in your wedding day flat lay are decorative items in your wedding day colors. This will tie the whole flat lay together and create a cohesive opening to your wedding album and help you to remember all of the small details that made up your wedding day. Whether you bring in colors through incorporating your wedding day florals, or a custom ring box like I mentioned above is up to you! Some other ways to incorporate your wedding colors into your flat lay are through bouquet ribbons, wax stamps, or other small details.

By now you can see not only just how beautiful wedding day flat lays can be, but also how important they are for your day and how much effort and detail goes into them. Creating a wedding flat lay that represents your day really is the perfect introduction to your wedding album. For more wedding day planning tips be sure to check out my blog, and for more inspiration on what to include in your wedding flat lays, check out some of my past wedding flat lays below!


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